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Why Learn Finger Picking

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Benefits of Finger Picking

Now I want to spend some time talking about WHY you should learn how to finger pick guitar.  The simple answer to why you should learn can be summed up with these two short answers:
(1)  You will benefit.  When you learn finger picking guitar it will open a whole new world of skills to you.  It is a great challenge to learn finger picking and it will bring you much satisfaction for years and years to come!
(2)  Your audience, will enjoy your talents even more.  
Those who listen to you, that is your family, friends, or  if your a professional, your audience of devoted fans will like your music even more than they do now if you learn how to finger pick guitar.

Knowing Why Will Help Motivate You

Likely you’re already wanting to learn finger picking.  That’s why you’re here at this site….RIGTHT?  I realize that! However, I want you to REALLY WANT it.  The above answers are simple and have been put in a nut shell.  For you to fully benefit from this site you will need to be motivated to learn finger picking.  Chances are you will need to be more motivated then you already are.  So it will be good to consider in more detail the reasons WHY you should learn finger picking.  So please be patient and read on as I discuss more about WHY you should learn how to finger pick guitar.  

There are probably as many styles of guitar playing as there are guitar players. It is a beautiful thing that each one of us can develop our own style of musical expression.  So WHY should you learn finger picking? Does it really matter?  You might be thinking – ‘Well, when you get right down to it, isn’t guitar playing really a matter of ‘personal taste’ and ‘personal preference.  This is true!  However, there is more to it than just “your” or “my personal preference” and this is something I want you to see!!!

Why Do You Play The Guitar?

Are you someone that tells others that you play guitar “only for yourself” or only for your “own enjoyment” or as some say, “I’m a closet musician”?  If so please think about this….  Actually, I don’t believe people really mean it when they say those kinds of things.  Rather I believe it’s because they lack confidence in their playing abilities and that they are just being modest.  One meaning of modesty is being aware of your limitations …. now that’s a good thing! I really mean that!  And I understandable that too!

However, to my way of thinking, playing the guitar should be more than just about you. Music is an expression of your feelings! It is an expression of yourself!  It should be an expression of your heart! Isn’t it only natural to want others to hear your heart felt expressions?  Ask yourself…. Are you in the habit of going in a room or your closet and talking to yourself?  If your answer is YES, then I understand why you might do the same when you play your guitar.  For the rest of us “more normal” people we would naturally like others to “hear” us when we express ourselves.  If you are honest with yourself, I think that you would admit that deep down you would REALLY like people to listen to your music and enjoy it too.  Isn’t that so?  Of course it is!  I know it’s true of me! I believe it’s true of you too!

So then, I believe the REAL reason you don’t want to play before others is related to your playing abilities.  The truth is that your not really confident in your guitar playing skills and you’re afraid that others will not appreciate it.  Now that IS normal! NO ONE wants that!  However, wouldn’t it be great to feel confident enough in your guitar playing that you knew that others would REALLY enjoy how you play. Would you want to play for others Then?  Wouldn’t it be great that when you poured your heart out through your guitar that others would often say things like “hay man…. that was great” or “I love it when you play the guitar” or “that was just beautiful”!  Isn’t that what you would really like to hear?  If that was the response you got from others wouldn’t you enjoy playing for them? Again… I belive you would!

I know that’s certainly true of me.  As I stated at the outset, that is the main reason I want people to come to this web site.  I want them to listen to and appreciate my music.  I think that should be true of any musician and I’m sure that is true of you too.  If it isn’t….well at least I think it should be!   Now you may not be interested in playing professionally.  That I can understand!  You may not care to play publicly at all.  I can get that too!  Even if this is true, I’m certain you would at lease like your friends and family to be hearing you.  Even if you’re very timid or shy, I’m sure that deep down inside, you would like others to appreciate and enjoy your music.  Secretly, you would like some kind of recognition of your musical expressions!  Isn’t that so?  If your honest with yourself, I believe you will be saying YES!!! If you are then please don’t be shy about it because that’s the way it should be.  That’s NORMAL!

The point I’m getting to is this!  Music should not be just about you! There are others to consider!  It should also be about your audience!  I’ll be talking more about this later but for now please just REMEMBER THIS – If you learn finger picking guitar, then those who hear you are going to appreciate your guitar playing much more.  I guarantee that!

Should YOU learn to Finger Pick?

Right now though, you may be just wandering if you should even attempt to learn to play finger style guitar, because you may feel it would be too difficult to learn.  I would like to help you decide about this too!  Please read on!

One thing to help you decide to learn how to finger pick guitar is to listen closely to accomplished musicians who play finger style.  Likely, if you’re like most people, finger picking guitar music will appeal to you. That is probably why you’re here at this web site in the first place.  It may be just the thing that you want to learn to do.  However, even if it doesn’t really appeal you, you should still make the effort to learn finger picking guitar.  Why?  Because you’ll be happy you did in the long run.  This is especially true if you’re a professional musician who needs to appeal to large numbers of the general public.  This is because finger picking guitar music does just that …. It APPEALS to the general public.  

More than likely though, you’re not a professional. You probably just play the guitar as a source of enjoyment, perhaps with a friends or two or maybe just your family.  It may be like a hobby for you.  Even so, you should still learn how to finger pick guitar.  Why?  Again, because in the end you’ll be happy you did.  If you learn finger picking, you will find that your hobby has taken on new dimensions. It will give you much more satisfaction then before, when you didn’t play finger style.  It will do this just because the very nature of the art of finger picking guitar is challenging.  In my opinion, it is close to the most challenging style of guitar playing there is.  Classical guitar being the most challenging which is itself finger style guitar.  Because it is so challenging, when you do make progress, it is so much more rewarding.  You will find that the music that comes rolling off of your own fingers is even impressing YOURSELF!  “Wow…I can’t believe that I just played that”, is the kind of thoughts and feelings you will be having.  You will find that you can’t wait to the next time you can pick up your guitar to start playing it again.   

Strong Desire to Learn to Finger Pick

By now I hope you’re starting to get the idea that I’m trying to convince you to learn finger picking.  I hope so because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.  You may feel “but I already want to learn finger picking”.  That’s GREAT!!!  I’m happy you do, however, as I said earlier, I want you to REALLY WANT to learn finger picking.  As in REALLY HAVE THAT DESIRE  to learn.  Why?  This is not just because it’ brought me so much satisfaction and enjoyment.  It has done that for me for sure!  But it’s because your going to need lots of motivation. 

I’m certain that finger picking will bring you lots of enjoyment just like it has for me, but it’s also going to take a lot of hard work to get there.  Determination on your part is what will get you there.  You will be learning through the marvel of the Internet.  So you are going to need strong motivation to do what I’m going to be teaching you because I will not be there.  I’m not going to be right there to “hold your hand” when it’s frustrating.  The drive to learn, has to come from within you.  It’s been my experience that many who start out to learn finger picking using plastic finger picks end up giving up and doing something else that they feel is easier.  I don’t want that to happen to you.  So if finger picking does appeal to you, and you would like to learn to do it but you feel you could never play your guitar that way because it’s just too difficult.  Please be assured that I want to help you.  I CAN and WILL help you.  This web site can and will do just that  – but only if you REALLY WANT it.

Finger picking certainly does appeal to me!  Of  course, I first started to play the guitar in the 60’s when folk music was entering its prime and that may have something (probable a lot) to do with my preference.  However, I believe there is much more to WHY you should learn how to finger pick guitar than just because it’s my personal preference.  First, let me tell you why I prefer playing finger style, because you might see that you feel the same way.  

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