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Who Is Paul Smith?

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Let me introduce myself.  You probably know several people with the name, Paul Smith.  Sometimes it makes it difficult for me at the bank, but that’s my name!  I have no claim to fame, no desire for stardom and I’m not interested in that sort of thing in the least bit!

However, all my life (born in 1952) I have loved music.  I began to play the guitar shortly after my father died when I was 12 years old.  He was a musician too and played the trumpet in the “Big Band” days. It was my father that passed on to me his love for music by teaching me to play the trumpet when I was a pre-school kid.  When I was in 7th grade I played next to Juniors and Siniors in the High School Band. After his death, it was very difficult for me to even pick the trumpet up again. My older brother (Tom) had and Kay guitar sitting around the house.  So I began to pick it up instead of the trumpet. So it was that I began to transferred my musical expressions to the guitar.

In my high school days I mostly strummed the guitar and made some feeble attempts to finger pick but with very limited success.  I went to college at Indiana State University where I got a teaching degree in secondary education.  It was in my college years that I really began to advance in finger picking style of guitar playing. I graduated in 1975 and began to work on my masters degree, while coaching the Gymnastics team at Indiana State University as an Assistant Coach under Coach Roger Counsel in 1976.  Before completing my masters, I began to teach high school Gymnastics and Industrial Arts in Indianapolis Indiana at North Central High School.  Shortly after that I stopped my “secure” teaching Job and did something daring.  It was something that I always wanted to do.  I quit teaching and became a professional musician! Yikes!

As I said, it was in my college years while on the gymnastics team that I really developed my finger picking skills. Another gymnast and I bought some nice high end guitars and we would learn songs together. Of course it was then that I also gained my teaching skills.  I sincerely hope you benefit from them both while using this web site.  Please keep in mind however, that I am not a computer “geek” nor am I a web site “Master” or “designer” as you will probable soon realize.  Please understand that all I am is a struggling musician trying to have a web presence and I make no claim to good web design.  However, you will soon find that the finger picking information and instruction is here and you will most definitely learn something from this site if you keep with it.  So, I also want to thank you for your patience with me and my computer ignorance. 

THANK YOU for that!
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