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What To Expect With Plastic Picks

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Despite the fitting of the picks and even if you’ve adjusted them and got them fitting just right, when you first start to use them it is normal to feel like they are “cumbersome” or that they make you feel “clumsy”.  Please remember – this is normal!!!  This is because they take some getting used to.  However, once you get used to them you will almost ALWAYS want to have them on when finger picking your guitar.  As I’ve explained on others pages of this site, this is another reason why many people give up on using plastic finger picks.  Please remember that those other guys didn’t take the time necessary to get over that initial “awkward feelings.”  So if you do… That puts you ahead of them right from the start.

Other students of mine have, gotten use to plastic finger picks too.  I know you can!!!  I promise you that if you stick with it you will be happy that you did in the end. Note this too… “Cumbersome” as they seem at first, you will immediately find that the volume and clarity of the sound has improved greatly over simply using your bare fingers. Let this improved sound be part of your motivation for pressing on in this new frustrating endeavor.  If you stay with it, you will find that the time will come for you as it did for me, that  you will prefer to use the finger picks instead of just going with the bare fingers and nails.

 Please stick with it!

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