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Plastic Finger Picks Obstacle

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Now lets talk about the problem with plastic finger picks.  The problem is this – learning to finger pick your guitar using plastic finger picks is not easy!   NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!  I believe this is the REAL REASON why so many guitarists have not learned to use plastic finger picks and learn to use them well.

This difficulty proves to be an obstacle for many guitarists and they never get past it.  However, to my way of thinking, and what I’ve tried to convey to you is, this is just another one of the reasons WHY it’s worth the effort to learn how to finger pick using plastic picks.

If you become accomplished at finger style guitar using plastic finger picks you will have risen above all those who haven’t taken the time, or didn’t have what it takes to master this art.  With patience, persistence and practice, practice, practice, you too can master this fine art of finger picking guitar.  However, it will take determination and stick-to-itiveness.  You have to WANT to learn how to finger pick, using plastic finger picks.  As I’ve explained in above pages, you will need to have that “desire” to do it.  That is one reason why I’ve have spent so much time and effort writing all of this.  I’m trying to help you understand WHY you should learn to finger pick guitar, using plastic finger picks, because you are going to need that motivation to keep up with it.


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