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Things About Tablature

What you will find on this site is the easiest to read Tablature that I know how to make using a word processor.  As I explained at the start, I’m not a computer type guy and I don’t use Tablature software.  I just use a word processer.  I know that may not be the best thing but it is what it is for now and it’ easy to read.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that when it comes to Tablature, it seems like just about anyone who writes it can make up his own thing and put his own little twist on what he calls “HIS TAB” in order to be unique.  Learning to finger pick guitar using finger picks is hard enough without having to learn and understand unnecessary things like how to read Tablature.  So I felt it best to keep Tablature as simple as possible so you can concentrate on learning to finger pick and not what the tablature means.

For example, some of the other guys right hand Tab. is based on what has traditionally been used in classical guitar.  With this kind of Tab. the fingers of the right hand are assigned different letters.  Thumb =  p;  1st or index finger = i; 2nd or middle finger = m;  3rd or ring finger = a. Sorry folks- but that’s too complicated for me!  I’m just a regular guy – and I don’t speak a foreign language. Some of those letters don’t mean a thing to me!  (It’s CLASSICAL guitar so I’m assuming that those letters come from a language that I don’t speak.)  Others Tablatures that I’ve seen try to put their little twist on it by assigning colors to the fingers.  Sorry – but that’s too confusing too!!!  (Don’t get me wrong!  I understand why they use colors, and it has it’s place with some applications, but it’s just not necessary in order to learn to finger pick guitar.)  Please!!!  Give me a brake!  I’m just simple minded I guess, but lets keep it EASY…

“KISS” means Keep It Simple Stupid and that sounds like a good rule of thumb when it come to Tab.!

I find it interesting because when they explain what the letters or colors mean, they say someting like – “this color” = 1st finger, “that color” = 2nd finger” and so on.  So why not just Keep It Simple Stupid and use a “1” for the first finger and a “2” for the second, and a “3” for the 3rd finger, instead of further complicating the learning process with unnecessary stuff.  What you want to be trying to do here is to learn finger picking.  Your mental energies should be going toward that task and not toward trying to figure out and decipher what the Tablature means.

On this web site what you will find for the right hand is;

T = Thumb;  1 = 1st finger;  2 = 2nd finger;  3 = 3rd finger.

To me…..that’s simple!  I can understand that pretty quick!  With little thought!

That’s what we need!


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