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All individual CD’s no longer come in Jewel cases but disc only in paper envolope. Photo’s below are shown to indicate how CD’s used to appear in Jewel case.




Relax and Reminisce copyright 2003
Cover                                                                  Tray Card

Description: Relax and Reminisce is a collection of some of Paul’s favorite songs. This music is a pleasing blend of vocal harmonies accompanied by six and twelve string acoustic guitar work, bass and a tough of keyboard. Paul’s relaxing sound has a wide appeal to people who enjoy many styles of music, including pop, soft rock, country western, blue grass, and folk.  Paul’s style crosses over and cannot be classified in anyone category.  Paul has received many complements about this album and you are sure to enjoy it too. So sit back, relax and reminisce with Paul Smith’s Relax and Reminisce CD. *** Due to all the cover songs on this album and the licensing laws concerning them, Relax and Reminisce is only available on CD and not by download.***    

        Song Title                                                                                      Samples
1. Early Morning Rain   4:03   ________________   30sec.EMR60sec.EMR 4:03
2. Sweet Baby James   2:44    _________________  30sec.SBJ / 60sec.SBJ
3. Ribbon of Darkness   2:54     _______________    30sec.ROD60sec.ROD
4. Did She Mention My Name  3:08  ___________     30sec.MMN/  60sec.MMN  
5. Walking and Talking   4:32  _______________      30sec.W&T60sec.W&T
6. Steel Rail Blues  4:09    __________________      30sec.SRB / 60sec.SRB
7. The Good Times We Had 4:20     ____________     30sec.TWH /  60sec.TWH
Long River  4:16   ______________________     30sec.LR /  60sec.LR
9. If I Had Wings  2:46   ___________________      30sec.IIHW  /  60sec.IIHW
10. Bitter Green  3:11   ____________________       30sec.BG /  60sec.BG  
11. Wherefore and Why  3:49    ______________       30sec.W&W /  60sec.W&W
12. So Much More  4:56   __________________      30sec.SMM /  60sec.SMM
13. Bob Dylan’s Dream  3:53   _______________      30sec.BDD /  60sec.BDD
14. Back When We Were Young  5:58   __________   30sec.WWY /  60sec.WWY
………Total music time – 54min. 39sec.

CD Price$10 Free shipping Includes disc only. Due to licensing laws and all the cover songs on this album, Relax and Reminisce is available only on CD

Songs in blue are cover songs.  Mechanical license #’s from HFA for cover songs listed by track are as follows; 1. #1030261557;  2. #1030272610;  3. #1030261560;  4. #1030261555;  6. #1030261552; 7. #1030293372;  8. #1030261548;  9. #1030261568;  10. #1030261545;  11.1030261566 From Bob Dylan Music Co.  13. #19651-4 (date- 5/6/03)
……Eastern Shore copyright 2004
Cover                                                   Tray Card
Discription; The Eastern Shore CD has three cover songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Marie Christine, Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle, and Christian Island and are therefore not available in digital downloads because of licensing laws.  Those songs are about sailing and being on the ocean.  The Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle is Lightfoot’s other ship wreck song.  Although not a hit like the Edmond Fitzgerald, it too is a true story of a ship that went down in the Atlantic and is a fitting Ballad for this album.  Taken A Spin, Destined For The City, and Brisky Winds were written by Paul back in the late 1970’s and are some of his first original songs from his school days.  The other six were written in more recent years, since he has lived on the Eastern Shore.The last song on this CD, Best Friend Too, was an anniversary gift to his wife.  It was played on the air at 99.3 FM. on their anniversary in 2002.  Best Friend Too was certainly a hit in Paul’s house that night.

Song title             time                                                                     Samples
1. Marie Christine   4:32  _____________________  30sec.MC60sec.MC
2. Taken A Spin   4:46     _____________________ 30sec.TS / 60sec.TS
3. Destined For The City  3:44   ________________  30sec.DC / 60sec.DC
4.  Brisky Winds   2:38   _____________________  30sec.BW  / 60sec.BW
5. Easy Guitar   1:09   ___________________            30sec.EG
6. Eastern Shore   4:14   ____________________ 30sec.ES  / 60sec.ES
7. Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle  6:04   __________   30sec.BYC60sec.BYC
8. Mary Lou  4:44    ________________________ 30sec.ML60sec.ML 
9. Dreamlike World  4:14  
    __________________ 30sec.DW60sec.DW                    
Christian Island   4:27   ___________________ 30sec.CI60sec.CI
11. Sweet Memory   4:12   ____________________  30sec.SM / 60sec.SM
12. Best Friend Too  ( 99.3 FM )  4:29    ___________ 30sec.BFT60sec.BFT                        
Total music time – 49min. 11sec.

CD Price $10  Free shipping Includes disc only.

Song titles in blue are cover songs.  Mechanical license #’s from HFA for cover songs listed by track are as follows;
1. #1030087387;  7. #1030087389;  10.#1030087388.


Goose Lake copyright 2005
 Cover                                                               Tray Card
Discription; Goose Lake is an album you are certain to enjoy. Paul has been told this is his best yet!  As requested by his fans all the songs are original.  In fact all of this CD is his creation.  All the songs were written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paul.  The graphics and photos were also done by Paul.  The cover photo (taken by Paul in Indiana) was the inspiration for the title track of this album, Goose Lake.
Song title        time                                                                             Samples
1. Goose Lake  5:32        _______________________ 30sec.GL / 60sec.GL               
2. The Good Life  4:40   _______________________  30sec.TGL60sec.TGL               
3. Shadow Over Me  4:18   _____________________  30sec.SOM60sec.SOM                
4. No Good Reason  3:50   _____________________  30sec.NGR60sec.NGR              
5. Why The Whippoorwill Cries  4:20   ____________    30sec.WWC / 60sec.WWC                
6. All I’ve Left Of You  4:31   ____________________  30sec.ALY / 60sec.ALY
7. Walking And Talking With You  4:45   ____________ 30sec.WTWY60sec.WTWY                
8. Days Of Yesteryear  4:40   ____________________  30sec.DOY60sec.DOY
9. No Getting Over You  5:28   ______________________  30sec.NGOY60sec.NGOY              
10. It’s So Easy  4:32   _________________________  30sec.ISE /  60sec.ISE               
11. Lesson Of The Gull  4:40   ____________________  30sec.LOTG60sec.LOTG
12. Now Is Now  5:05    ________________________   30sec.NIN60sec.NIN
……..Total music time – 56min. 21sec.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Alone With Integrity   copyright 2007

Cover                                                  Tray Card

Alone With Integrity CoverAlone With Integrity Traycard









Discription; Alone With Integrity  This is Paul’s last and most prized work to date. All the songs on this album are original and relate somehow to the influence of his Bible knowledge. On April 5th 2007 all the writing, recording and mixing was completed. The album was ready to put to production. On that day Paul discussed with his wife Darlene, what the Album should be called. They both decided together that this CD should be named “Alone With Integrity” after the first song track written for and about his nephew Will Smith. Two days later on April 7th 2007 his wife, Darlene died. Now there was to be much more meaning behind “Alone With Integrity.”


Price $10  Free shipping  Includes disc only.