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Comments About Custom Picks

The blue text comments below are some that were taken off
my web site

Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you’ed like…

Thank you!

A big “Hello There
I received  the 3 CD set as well as the custom picks in the
AM mail delivery. I couldn’t wait to try the custom picks as your hype said they would
work.  Guess what—-
They work far better than the stock Dunlap picks.   Hands
…..I am no spring chicken, 70 years old this
Feb.  Been playing guitar for 60 years. Semi-pro musician
from 1956 till 1976. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession
and have been retired since 1997 and have lots of time to play.
Your CD’s are GREAT and easy to listen to.
D. S.   


Hello Paul

Your picks are the BEST, so I don’t mind waiting.  I usually order when I size my last set, so I am in good shape.

 I looked at an online video of a bike ride through Placencia.  Enjoy yourself.  Looks like quite a nice place.

I Like the way you form the custom picks. I assume I still
have to put them in water to fit my fingers.  Bought an amp
today from www…..
It’s a Fender® Acoustasonic Jr DSP Combo Amp with Effects
Paul G.


I just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your
website and your material on finger picking.  I also like the
custom finger picks I got off your website much
better than the nickel ones
I started out with.  Thank you for

taking the time to provide this information for people just learning
the technique.   I agree with
you that this style really stands out above others.  I’ve got a
Seagull S6 cedar  guitar, and I will say it is perfectly suited
for this style.  I love the way it blends with vocals as
well.  Again, thank you for providing such a valuable resource to
those just learning this technique.  You have been instrumental
(no pun intended) in adding another dimension to my guitar playing.


Aaron Miller


Dear Paul,
I have been practicing with the custom finger picks
and I must tell you I am very happy with them.

I am still getting used to but I feel more and more
confident with them.
warned me so much that I thought it was going to be nearly
impossible. And it is not. It is hard, it takes time, but it is
possible. I think it is very important to have them quite tight,
so in the end you feel as if they are part of your fingers. The
first times it took me at least half an hour to reach something
vaguely similar to that feeling. And now I still need a time to
really forget about them and concentrate on the music.  

the sound you get with finger picks is so good that it
encourages you to carry on practicing. I do not want to play
anymore with bare fingers!!……..Thanks
a lot for your time and patience.



I’ve been finger picking for quite a while now.  Played
bluegrass banjo about 30 years ago and guitar for 40+ years
(yeah, I’m an old geezer!).  I’ve recently gotten into
playing slide on a couple of resonator guitars.  I’m
thinking the plastic custom finger picks are better suited than
the metal.

Thanks!   Mike

……I really prefer the sound of custom picks over fingers, there’s just more volume and clarity.
I would hate to give up playing with picks now. I thought its
was just too hard to learn using picks as compared with my fingers but it wasn’t.

Thanks for everything,


First, I found your web site by looking for information
on finger picking the guitar.  I have played the guitar for
over 20 years, but have just in the last year gone to finger picking
– and I love it.  It has opened a whole new demission of
playing.  I have a strong influence from John Denver, James
Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot.

Good finger picks are hard to find – they are just
not available in local music stores
so I thought I would give

you’re custom picks a try and see how it goes.  THEY’RE GREAT.

Thanks for filling my order so fast, looking forward to listening
to your CD’s.

3 Responses to Comments About Custom Picks

  1. alan pumphrey

    do you have a business phone number ?

  2. Picknpaul

    I live in Placencia Belize in Central America. 501-665-0800

  3. Tommy Williams

    Let me know when you get more picks and CD’s and I will order them. Tommy Joe

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