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My Customized Plastic Finger Picks

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Why I Customize Finger Picks

To help beginners to learn to use plastic finger picks I offer something you will not get anywhere else.  I will customize” your picks for you.  These customized plastic finger picks are something that I learned to do by myself and for myself, many years ago when I first started to use plastic picks.  Now I have found that what I did to my own picks has also help new ones to learn too.  I’ve been doing this for years and I have customized plastic finger picks for hundreds of guitarist, and many say  (New window) they have been helped by using this web site and these customized plastic finger picks.

This customizing is something of value that I’ve learned over the years and I’m passing it on to you!  I want to try and help you to learn to use plastic finger picks.  I make very little money for the time I spend doing these picks.  I only ask  $1 per pick to do this tedious work.  For the time I spend doing it I could do much better working at McDonald’s.  However, I do it anyway because this is a labor of love.  In my mind I view it as a service that I can provide to help new students on their way to learn how to finger pick their guitar.  I also will offer this guarantee – that if your not completely satisfied with these customized plastic finger picks I will give you your money back no questions asked.  No problem!  (Well – I might ask some questions, but I promise I will not try to get out of giving the money back.  I will only want to know what you didn’t like about them…… that’s all).  My confidence is that you will be very happy you got themI’ve been doing this since 1998 and have done about 300 sets of picks a year and so far I have had only had one person want their money back. That case wasn’t because there was something wrong with the picks! I was because he didn’t follow the instructions I mailed him with the picks and he ruined them trying to fit them.  He sent them back and I returned the money the day I got the picks.

If you buy these custom finger picks from, I will send along with the picks, instructions on how to fit the individual picks to your finger as well as information about how to wear them properly on your fingers. The information about how to wear picks may sound “elementary” because it is. However, I have seen many who are putting picks on for the first time and because of not knowing any better they mistakenly put them on upside down. In fact I even saw a video of someone who was suppose to be and “expert” and he was “teaching” people how to put finger picks on… don’t you know… he was teaching them to put picks on UP SIDE DOWN! It will be very difficult if not impossible to play the guitar with pick on upside down. So for this reason I’m including the correct instructions with my picks. I don’t want MY students to get discouraged and quit.

You can also “see” how to wear picks by going to the  How to Wear  Plastic Finger Picks  page on this site.

What I Do to Customize the Finger Picks

The customizing I do is not a “fitting” of the picks. You must fit the picks to your own fingers yourself. The customizing I do is I actually a reshape of the pick tongue of each finger pick and the thumb pick.  The “tongue” of the pick is the part that touches and plays the string of the guitar.  I do each pick personally by hand, using only hand tools. Then I polish the newly shaped pick tongue when I’m through so that it’s as smooth as when coming from the factory. This way the string will just roll off the pick creating a beautiful clear bright, clean  sound. It will improve the sound quality of your guitar. That clear bright sound can not be gotten any other way except by wearing plastic picks. 

These customized plastic finger picks make it a little easier to play the guitar because the picks are shaped in such a way that you can get them between the guitar strings a little easier.  The customized picks are also a little more forgiving and less cumbersome or awkward feeling then those that come from the Dunlop factory.

To read about what others have said of the picks that I have done for them click on Finger Pick comments .  I want to emphasize again that I’m not in the retail business.  I buy these picks from my local music store just like you would.  So I’m obviously not doing this for the money!  As I said, I’m offering this as a service to you because I want to help you learn how to finger pick your guitar using plastic finger picks.  I believe it’s the BEST way to learn.  I’ve also tried to keep shipping prices down too, to keep the overall cost as low as possible for you.

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