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Measure Your Fingers for Finger Picks

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What you will be measuring is how big around your fingers are at the place where you will be wearing the picks.  This measurement is similar to sizing for a ring except you will be measuring around your finger tips where you will be wearing the picks.  When you put the finger picks on, the “band” part of the pick slides up over the finger tip and the finger nail.  The split in the pick band is usually worn just about where the nail  cuticle is.  This is where you want to measure.  You may not need to measure all your fingers as you will see, because just measuring the smallest one might be all you’ll need to do.  On most people that will be your ring finger on your right hand (that is if you are a right handed guitar player.  If you are a left hand guitar player then of course you’ll measure your left hand ring finger).

You’ll be measuring your picking hand 3rd finger or “ring” finger.  To do the measuring, use a white wire garbage bag “tie.”  Wrap the “tie” around your finger at the finger nail cuticle and mark both ends of the “tie” in the one spot where they overlap.  (You may need to have someone to help you to do the marking. I find that a fine felt pen works great).  Make sure the “tie” is not too tight, just snug enough that it will not slide up and down on your finger.  Once it’s marked, open up the “tie” until it is perfectly straight and measure the length from mark to mark.  

Here is what to do with the four different possibilities of your “tie” measurement:  
1.  If it is 1 + 7/8 inches, or larger, then you should get Large Picks.  

2If it is less then or exactly 1+ 7/8″, you might want to measure the other two fingers too.  If the other two fingers are larger than  1+ 7/8″, get the Large Picks.

3.  If all your fingers are smaller than 1+ 7/8″ you need Medium Picks.

4.  If only your ring finger is smaller than 1+ 7/8″ but the other two are exactly 1+ 7/8″ then you could get the Medium Picks.  However, with this case you can also get the large picks and just cut the band part of the pick down a little on one pick of each set.  This will make it so that the band will wrap around your finger and not touch on the ends.  This way it will keep it gripping your finger. If this is your measurement and you have purchased my custom picks, I can do the picks for you.  Please let me know what your measurement are and I will fix the picks so you can size them.

If you find that you need medium picks, I do have them.  If the size is not stipulated when you make your purchase, please just send me a note with your order to let me know that you want Medium picks.  I will send them to you.

If you do not send an email asking for Medium I will be sending Large.

I also have LEFT hand picks to both in Large and Medium sizes.

To purchase finger picks use this link.

If you’re in that ‘gray area’ and you’re not sure if you need Medium or Large picks, it’s best to measure as described above. Then you will KNOW!!!  I don’t want to send the wrong size.  Sorry, but I cannot guarantee that you pick the correct sizeIt has to be your call.  Generally, I recommend getting the large picks because that’s what most people use.  After you receive the picks, keep in touch with me through email and let me know how they do.  I have some tricks up my sleeve to help fit Large picks even if your hands are too small for the them.  You can always remove material from the larger picks to make them smaller, but you cannot make a Medium picks grow bigger.

You will not find this kind of information anywhere else on the internet or at a music stores either.  That’s because the other guys don’t really care about helping you.  They just what to sell you something.  I do care!  What I want is for you to learn how to finger pick using plastic finger picks, because I believe it’s the best way.  Also, I believe that if I help you, you will be inclined to help me by purchasing my CDs and listening to my music.  I believe that Jesus hit the nail on the head when he said something like “to the measure you measure out, it will be measured to you in return.” (Matthew 7:2) In other words, if you give of yourself to people, they will respond by doing things for you.  I believe that is true!  That’s my motive!  That’s why I say, “that’s all I ask,”- please SHOW your appreciation. So… if you purchase finger picks from  fingerpick .net, I promise that I will help you to get them fitting properly.  If not, just send the picks back and I guarantee that I will give your money back.


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