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HOW to Learn Finger Picking

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Henry F. Osborn said “The human brain is the most marvelous and mysterious object in the whole universe.” Truer words have never been spoken.  It is without question the most outstanding marvel of creation.  It is interesting and but not surprising that there is little known about how the brain is actually able to do what it does.  It seems that the more they learn about what the brain does, the more they realize how little they really know about it. 

However, there are some things we do know as to it’s abilities and “how the mind learns” things.  I’m told that those who understand HOW a computer works, are actually better able to use one.  (I wouldn’t actually know about that personally, but it makes scene to me)  So it will help you to understand a little about HOW the brain learns. 

We now know that there are Trillions of nerve, or brain cells in each of our brains.  As you do things like, read books, watch things, or PLAY THE GUITAR, new contections are constantly being made between your different brain cells to form a type of electrical circuitry.  (Which by the way is much more complicated then any computer)   It’s these connections (called “synapses”) of individual neurons to other neurons in the brain that makes for the memory and recall.  Without those connections you couldn’t recall what you read, what you saw, or how to PLAY the guitar.  The more connections there are and the “stronger” and “thicker” those connections become, the better the memory and the easier it is to recall those things.  It is staggering to think about because they say there are more synapses connections of these neurons in the human brain then there are stars in the known universe.


This means that for you to learn finger picking, you must make those necessary and appropriate connections that make for good finger picking.  You are going to need lots of those connections and they are going to have to be very Very VERY strong, thick connection.  In fact what I want you to do is to develop those connections so well that you will have to give it very little conscious thought as you play your guitar.  
So HOW do you do go about doing that?  Actually there isn’t just one thing that makes for those synapses (connection) or for learning.  There are a number of things in the human experience that helps us to learn.  There are also things that hinder us from learning and things that can actually cause us to forget what we have learned too.  So then what you will want to do in your finger picking endeavors is to CAPITALIZE on the things that will help you build more and more, stronger and thicker memory connections.  In other words you will want to take advantage of those particular things that help you learn AND you will also need to AVOID those things that will hurt your learning progress.  I’m going to help you on this web site to know what those things are as you go through these lessons.  So be thinking in terms of what to capitalize on and want to avoid in the learning process.  This way you will make the fastest possible progress as you learn to finger pick your guitar.  Guaranteed!

So, with this in mind, lets start with the 1st step.


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