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Fitting Plastic Finger Picks

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Another big reason why many don’t like to use plastic picks is because they have trouble getting them to fit correctly and to be comfortable on their finger tips.  I believe this is main reason why some tend to use the metal finger picks instead of plastic because they can bend them to fit the fingers relatively easily.  The plastic picks need more work to be fitted correctly to your fingers.  Fitting plastic finger picks will take some time and effort.  However, I will help you to get them fitted properly.  The picks should be snug enough that they don’t come flying off your fingers while playing.  At the same time they should not squeeze the fingers so tight that they start to hurt after playing for a while.  You should be able to play for long periods (an hour or more) of time and not feel as if they are hurting your fingers.  Sometimes I have done non-spot 4 hour gigs wearing my finger picks the whole time.  If done properly they will be comfortable even when wearing them for long playing sessions, and work like a charm.

Buy finger picks from this site and I’ll send you easy to follow detailed instructions with the picks about how to fit and how to wear the picks correctly.  I’ve done this many many times and if you follow my instructions that I’ll send you, the picks will be molded correctly to each finger, feel and work great and they will be “your personalized fitted picks.”  Also if you buy picks from this site I will send you my personal email address so you can ask any questions you might have about the picks and this process.  I promise to handle these questions personally.  You will not get that kind of service else ware on the net.  Anywhere!    To order finger picks.

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Thank you!  

When I see Public TV and the new artists coming up, it saddens me that so few people finger pick their guitar using finger picks anymore.  As I mentioned, I have been playing finger style guitar using plastic finger picks since 1971.  Obviously, I’m fond of that style of playing.  So I want to help you learn to play that way too and to learn how to use plastic finger picks the way I do.  I’m passing on my experience to you.  In fact, many have told me they can’t even find plastic finger picks for any price anymore at their local music stores.  So for your convenience, I’ve made clear Dunlop plastic finger picks  and Turtle shell thumb picks, along with the fitting and wearing  instructions available on this site.  Large picks are what most adults (including some women) will wear.  Medium picks are very small in size and are mostly for children or women with small hands.  Very few adult men will ever wear Medium picks.  To give you an idea, my wife is small boned, 5 foot 2 and weighs 125 lbs., she also wears size 6 ring on her right hand.  She would need Medium  picks.  One of my customers said this

“Just wanted to let you know I got the finger picks this afternoon. You’re right about the large picks. I’m 5’6″ and about 140 lbs. with small hands and fingers and the picks fit perfect. They aren’t tight at all and they stay on without getting loose. I think I might “size” one of the finger picks for my third finger, its just a little bit loose but doesn’t move around or fall off, it just isn’t a perfect fit like the thumb pick and the 2 other finger picks.”

Some women however, can use the large picks.  So I hope this will help you decide.

Are you still undecided about the size, because you’re in a “gray area”?

You can measure your finger and find out for sure which picks to order.

READ the next section – Measure Your Finger for Finger Picks


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