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Finger Picking Will Change Your Guitar Playing FOREVER

When I first started to learn finger picking I was just taken in by the new sounds I was getting from my guitar. I was so excited it made me want to practice all the more. I could hardly wait to get back again to practice and when I was practicing I didn’t want to stop. I would sometimes play 8 or 10 hours in a day. This may happen to you too. However, please listen when I say “I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS!” It is fun to learn and it is exciting to think what you will be learning next. However, I strongly suggest following my RULES for NOW to learn finger picking. It is the best approach to take in the long run as I explain on those pages.

The reason I wanted to include this page is to help you understand that what you are about to undertake in learning finger picking is going to change you. Obviously if you learn finger picking it will change your bank of guitar playing skills. But it will do much more then that. It will change the way you view and listen to music. It will also change your approach to and the way you learn new songs. It will even change the way you feel about playing your guitar. If you love guitar music and playing the guitar already then get ready…. because if you learn finger picking are going to increase that love ten fold.

Just beware that the joy you will be having can cause you to over due things. As fatigue sets in you may begin learning bad habits that may take along time to unlearn. So be disciplined in your approach and stick to the RULES I’ve set. These RULES will also help you in many areas of life as well because they work well with natural laws.

2 Responses to Finger Picking Will Change Your Guitar Playing FOREVER

  1. Matt Seabaugh

    I came across your website about a week ago. The next day I went out and bought finger picks (I did find plastic ones) and have been practicing a few hours a night ever since. Of course the first couple of days were awkward, but the third night I began making music with the first few patterns. Today I asked my wife to listen to me play without the picks and then with the picks. The difference to her was amazing. She said that the tone, clarity, and sharpness with the picks was just incredible, which of course has inspired me to practice even more. I will be purchasing your CD’s and some picks…..
    Thank you for your teachings.


  2. Don

    I googled finger style guitar and found this site. I’m a former classical guitar player. This website has got me started playing everyday again! In fact, this page that talks about sticking to the four rules was written for me. I have to guard against sitting down with the guitar for hours! Of course, I’ve ordered the CD and two sets of custom picks with bag. I am soooooo eager to see them arrive! Paul was extremely prompt in responding to my order. Thanks Paul for bringing me back to my first love. It’s been a while (I’m 61)!

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