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Order Finger Picks

Please don’t make the mistake of jumping right in and beginning the finger picking lessons without first reading the other very important information on this web site.  That may save yourself some time right now but in the long run it will cost you.  If you use that approach you will be more likely to learn bad habits, which will need to be unlearned later, or worse yet you may even give up on learning to finger pick your guitar altogether.  Please don’t let that happen!  

REMEMBER; I’ve done this before!  With my experience I can help you avoid a lot of problems that you may not yet foresee or understand.  Please believe me, you will be much better off if you just put your guitar down just for now and first read the information on this site before tackling the finger picking lessons.  I recommend going to the home page and begin.  Once it’s read click on the “next page >” link and follow the chain of pages through till you’ve read them all.  I’ve put that chain of links in the order that the pages should be read so that it is in a logical order.  You will be glad you read it that way in the end.

I know it’s a lot of information, but you will need to know it when you begin the finger picking lessons.  Some of the information you may already know.  But even if you’re an advanced guitarist you will still benefit from reading it.  This information will help you learn the fastest, and the BEST way to learn to finger pick.  It will also save you a lot of heartache in the long run.  For example – the reasons why you need to begin finger picking using finger picks is explained.  Also why you should listen to finger style guitar music is discussed. Very important is the information about HOW to learn finger picking and Rules for learning finger picking are given that should be practice each time you have a practice learning sessionIn addition you also will read things that will help motivate you to stay with your practicing and how to get the most of it and much, much more.

In fact I suggest that you not just read it once!  Instead you should go back and reread the information on this site as you progress in your finger picking skills.  I’ve organized the information and the “titles” of the pages will help you locate the information more quickly for future reference.  You can find them quickly using the drop down menu at the top or locate the pages in the left column.  You will find that the things you reread will take on newer meaning as you practice and learn the skills in the art of finger picking.  This is because as you gain experience through your learning to finger pick you will better understand what is being said in those pages.

    Learn the finger picking patterns while wearing plastic finger picks!

For the finger picking patterns I will be teaching you, you will need three finger picks and one thumb pick.  Finger picks are not as available in music stores as they once were back when I was beginning to finger pick.  So by request from those who have used my site I’m offering them at  There are a number of varieties as well as brand names of picks to choose from.  I’m not pushing or advocating any particular type or brand.  That is strictly your call.  They all have good things and bad things about them.  It’s simply a matter of personal choice and getting use to them.  However, I do recommend that you not use metal picks on acoustic guitars for reasons discussed in the information mentioned above. (Please read it)

You would be surprised how many people ask me how to wear finger picks.  One of my students sent me a YouTube link of a guy who claimed to be a teacher of finger picking.  My student said “you’ll get a kick out of this one”!  The video was about “how to wear finger picks”.  In the video the “teacher” put the pick on UP SIDE DOWN!  That’s right… he didn’t even know how to wear the picks.  Was it a joke?  I really don’t know but he presented it as if he knew what he was talking about.  Is that sad… or what?  No wander people don’t know how to wear them!  Anyway, if you purchase finger picks from you will receive instructions not only on how to wear the picks but also on how to fit them to your finger tips correctly. To order picks from this site. (new window)

When beginning finger picking you what to start to listen to as may artists as you can that play this style of guitar.  These music CDs of mine incorporate the very finger picking patterns you will be learning in the lessons in the following pages. Listening to those CD’s will help you learn how these picking patterns are used.  Plus they will help motivate you.  My customized picks will also be help because they make it easier to learn when you’re just beginning to finger pick.  I recommend getting this combo below. This combo makes for reduced prices.

If your just beginning finger picking I recommend you get this deal.

     This is the best package offer on this web site you save $13.60)
My four
CD’s + two sets of custom plastic finger picks + pick bag.
Total price = 
$57. 50

Size and Hand options

The above package includes 4 of my music CD’s called;
Relax and Reminisce, Eastern Shore, 
Goose Lake and Alone With Integrity

+  TWO sets of customized plastic finger picks + pick bag.
Free shipping only in the lower U.S.A.*

This package is the same as above except without the pick bag  =  $55

Size and Hand options

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